There are at least 65 "Offshore Havens" world-wide. They differ in many ways, including taxation policy, political and economic stability, bank secrecy, investment concessions, security of property rights, geography, infrastructure and a host of other relevant factors.

When deciding where to invest your assets, it's important to consider your financial goals.

IFG Trust specializes in offshore asset protection and offers the Asset Protection and International Investment Plan (APIIP). Designed by offshore professionals, APIIP ensures you have the very best asset protection the offshore world has to offer.

As an APIIP client you’ll receive an offshore trust that owns a separate offshore corporation, which, in turn, holds banking and investment accounts with world-class offshore financial institutions. Corporation only and trust only plans can also be established at your request.

Your APIIP offshore structure is automatically established in the jurisdiction of Nevis, West Indies. This jurisdiction is selected as it has the most progressive asset protection trust legislation in the world while maintaining the essential components of a trust that allows it to be utilized for other purposes such as tax and estate planning.

Features of the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance, 1994 include:

  • An international trust registered under this Ordinance shall be valid and enforceable notwithstanding that it may be invalid according to the law of the Settlor’s domicile or residence or place of current incorporation;
  • Maximum duration of 100 years, this may be exceeded for a trust established for a charitable or non-charitable purpose;
  • Ordinance allows for Spendthrift, Charitable, and Non-Charitable International Trusts;
  • Ordinance allows for the appointment of a Protector;
  • Foreign Judgments are not enforceable against:
    • An International Trust;
    • A Settlor of an International Trust;
    • A Trustee of an International Trust;
    • A Protector of an International Trust;
    • A Beneficiary of an International Trust;
    • Property of either an International Trust or of a trustee or beneficiary thereof.
  • International Trust is exempt from;
    • All income tax;
    • All estate inheritance, succession and gift tax.
  • No action will be commenced;
    • to set aside the settlement of an International Trust;
    • to set aside and disposition to an International Trust;
  • unless such action is commenced in the High Court of St Christopher and Nevis before the expiration of two years from;
    • the date of settlement of the International Trust;
    • the disposition to the International Trust that is sought to be set aside.
    • any one attempting to bring an action must deposit a bond in the sum of $25,000 from a financial institution in Nevis with the Permanent in the Ministry of Finance as security for payment of costs.

The legislation governing International Business Corporations (IBC) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) makes Nevis the premiere jurisdiction for corporate entities. Confidentiality is assured as there are no public registries of directors, officers or shareholders and the only name registered with Nevis Financial Services is the name of the corporation and the registered office/agent in the jurisdiction being IFG Trust Services Inc.

Although the APIIP structure utilizes an IBC, Nevis also offers LLC’s. The legislation governing limited liability companies is modeled after Delaware’s legislation. An LLC is similar to a limited liability partnership, it is managed pursuant to an operating agreement and is becoming a very popular tool in asset management. If you wish to know more about the LLC please contact us directly at

The basic APIIP structure can be further customized to utilize more than a single jurisdiction providing greater asset protection. This increases the complexity of the structure and therefore cost. However this may be beneficial for those who are trying to find your assets and who is behind the asset protection structure. For example if the IBC was located in St Vincent and a potential challenger managed to get a court order to open up the corporate records it would reveal only that the corporation is owned by a Nevis Trust. At this point the challenger would have to try and obtain a second court order from the High Court of St Christopher Nevis as this court will not necessarily recognize the St Vincent Court Order.

As APIIP was designed specifically for asset protection, we encourage those with other financial objectives to contact us at Please include contact information and a few details about your requirements. You can also phone us at 869 469 7040 or 869 469 7041 or fax you inquiry to 869 469 7042.