The first step in the APIIP application is to provide your name and the names of those individuals or organizations you wish to designate as corporate shareholders or trust beneficiaries.

IFG Trust recommends that you name at least one shareholder/beneficiary apart from yourself or at least two shareholders/beneficiaries overall if you are establishing only a corporation or a trust. This will ensure that someone of your choice will benefit from your assets should something happen to you.

Equally important, multiple beneficiaries are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your discretionary trust. If you are the sole beneficiary, your asset protection plan will be compromised, as potential claimants may challenge the validity of the trust. Remember, the goal of an offshore trust is to place a layer of protection between potential claimants and your assets.

Type of Application: Corporation, Trust or both?

At this step you will also be asked to indicate the type of application you are making. Once you have made your selection, click on "Preview my APIIP" to move to step 2.